Moths in Florida

Varied moth species inhabit the state of Florida, most of them belonging to the Erebidae family. Some, particularly those of the Saturniidae family have a stunning appearance, like the luna moth with a green body and flowing tail. The yellow-bodied io moth is next on the list, with its bluish-black eyespot being its distinguishing feature.

Though most moths here are harmless, the larvae of a few are hazardous mainly because of their stinging traits. The puss (southern flannel moth), and saddleback caterpillars, alongside the caterpillars of the hag and io moth, often sting humans upon contact with their spiny projections resulting in itching, and burning sensation besides other allergic reactions.

Moths in Florida (FL)

Large moths: Polyphemus Moth, Hummingbird Clearwing Moth, White-lined Sphinx Moth, Luna Moth

Common moths: Hummingbird Clearwing Moth, White-lined Sphinx Moth, Abbot’s Bagworm Moth

Here is the list of moths found in Florida arranged in order of the family they belong to.

Erebidae Moths

Saturniidae Moths

Hawk Moths

Bagworm Moths

  • Abbot’s Bagworm Moth (Oiketicus abbotii)

Plume Moths

  • Ragweed Plume Moth (Adaina ambrosiae)

Cossid Millers Moths

  • Pecan Carpenter Worm Moth (Cossula magnifica)

Flannel Moths

 Picture-winged Leaf Moths

  • Seagrape Borer (Hexeris enhydris)

Crambid Snout Moths

  • Fiddlewood Leafroller (Epicorsia oedipodalis)

Owlet Moths

  • Florida Fern moth (Callopistria floridensis)
  • Velvet Armyworm Moth (Spodoptera latifascia)

Geometer Moths

  • White-Tipped Black Moth (Melanchroia chephise)

Tortrix Moths

  • Black-shaded Platynota Moth (Platynota flavedana)