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Sacada Moths (Sacada)

The sacada moth is a genus of moths belonging to the snout moth family. They are primarily found in Asia, though some live in Central Africa.

Sacada Moths

List of Species in this Genus

  • Sacada acutipennis
  • Sacada approximans
  • Sacada constrictalis
  • Sacada discinota
  • Sacada fasciata
  • Sacada flexuosa
  • Sacada miraculosa
  • Sacada pallescens
  • Sacada pyraliformis
  • Sacada rubralis
  • Sacada unilinealis

Description and Identification


The larvae of different species vary in appearance, though most are yellow with an orangish-brown head.

Scientific Classification

Adult Moth

Sexual Dimorphism: There are no significant differences between the male and the female moths.

Color and Appearance

When opened, they are varying shades of brown. When closed, the markings and patterns remain visible.

Average wingspan: 2-4 cm

Flight pattern: Erratic

Season: May to September

Sacada Moth





Once the larvae mature, they undergo pupation.


The eggs are laid on the leaves of the preferred host plant.

Quick Facts

DistributionCameroon, China, India, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Russia, and Taiwan
HabitatMountainous forests
Lifespan of AdultsNot recorded
Host PlantsChestnut, such as Korean chestnut, and oak, such as Japanese evergreen oak and sawtooth oak
Adult DietNot recorded

Did You Know

  • English entomologist Francis Walker first described this genus of snout moths in 1862.

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