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Blue Tiger Moth (Dysphania percota)

The blue tiger moth is a member of the family of geometer moths native to India. They are similar in appearance to the long blue tiger moth.

Blue Tiger Moth


Scientific Classification

  • Family: Geometridae
  • Genus: Dysphania
  • Scientific Name: Dysphania percota

Description and Identification


The larvae are blue and orange, with black spots observed on the blue segments.

Blue Tiger Moth Caterpillar



Pupation occurs in a red cocoon that has black spots on both sides.

Blue Tiger Moth Pupa


Adult Moth

Sexual Dimorphism: Present but not prominent.

Color and Appearance

Forewings: When the wings are opened, the outer area of the wing is deep purple, while the inner part appears white with purple spots spread throughout. When the wings are closed, the purple and white spots remain prominently visible.

Hindwings: When the wings are opened, they are white with two big blue spots, and many small purplish ones scattered irregularly. When the wings are closed, the colors remain the same.

Average wingspan: 8 cm

Flight pattern: Erratic

Season: Not recorded

Dysphania percota



They are pale yellow when newly laid, eventually turning to reddish-brown.

Blue Tiger Moth Eggs


Quick Facts

HabitatGardens, grasslands, woodlands, and near rivers
Lifespan of AdultsNot recorded
Host PlantsCarallia
Adult DietDoes not feed

Did You Know

  • English lepidopterist Colonel Charles Swinhoe first described this species in 1891.
Blue Tiger Moth Picture


Blue Tiger Moth Image


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