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Dot-Lined White Moth (Artace cribrarius)

The dot-lined white moth is a member of the family of Lasiocampidae moths. They are found in parts of the United States and is recognizable from their gleaming white body.

Dot Lined White Moth


Scientific Classification

  • Family: Lasiocampi
  • Genus: Artace  
  • Scientific Name: Artace cribrarius

Description and Identification


The caterpillars mimic twigs skilfully with their mottled gray-white bodies and black markings. There are bristles of setae all over them.

Dot Lined White Moth Caterpillar



The larvae pupate after maturing.

Adult Moth

Sexual Dimorphism: Present but not prominent. 

Color and Appearance

Forewing: When the wings are opened, they are white with black dots running across in a curved pattern. When the wings are closed, the pattern remains observable.

Hindwing: When the wings are opened, they are completely white. This white color is observed even when the wings are closed.

These moths have a feathery orange antenna, likely to be present in males.

Average wingspan: 2.5-6.2 cm

Flight pattern: Erratic

Season: June to October

Artace cribrarius



The eggs are laid close to the host plant.

Quick Facts

DistributionLong Island New York, west to Kentucky and southeast Texas
HabitatNot recorded
Lifespan of AdultsNot recorded
Host PlantsOak and Prunus species
Adult DietDoes not feed

Did You Know

  • Swedish civil servant and naturalist Sven Ingemar Ljungh first described this species in 1825.
Dot Lined White Moth Picture


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