Moths in New Mexico

New Mexico is famous for some unique moth species, mostly belonging to the Erebidae and Geometer families. One notable aspect needing mention is that New Mexico, notably Albuquerque witnessed heavy infestation during summer for the past two years because of favorable weather conditions. The species inhabiting the area were grayish-brown, medium or small in size, with strong wings.

Moths in New Mexico (NM)

Common Moths: Black Witch Moth, New Mexico Carpet Moth, Wood Tiger Moth

Large Moths: Black Witch Moth, Wood Tiger Moth, Five-spotted Hawk Moth 

Here is the list of moths found in New Mexico arranged in order of the family they belong.

Saturniidae Moths

  • Nevada Buck Moth (Hemileuca nevadensis)

Erebidae Moths

  • Black Witch Moth (Ascalapha odorata)
  • Police Car Moth (Gnophaela vermiculata)
  • Reversed Haploid (Haploa reversa)
  • Wood Tiger Moth (Parasemia plantaginis)
  • Bride Underwing Moth (Catocala neogama)
  • Forage Looper Moth (Caenurgina erechtea)
  • Clio Tiger Moth (Ectypia clio)
  • Indomitable Melipotis (Melipotis indomita)
  • Perpendicular Melipotis Moth  (Melipotis perpendicularis)

Geometer Moths

  • Green Broomweed Looper Moth (Fernaldella fimetaria)
  • New Mexico Carpet Moth (Archirhoe neomexicana)
  • Common Gray Moth (Anavitrinella pampinaria)
  • Meske’s Pero Moth (Pero meskaria)
  • Eucaterva Moth (Eucaterva variaria)
  • Dark-Ribboned Wave (Leptostales rubromarginaria)
  • Glaucina erroraria

Hawk Moths

Snout Moths

  • Gloveria Moth (Gloveria gargamelle)
  • Zigzag Furcula Moth (Furcula scolopendrina)

Owlet Moths

  • Eight-spotted Forester Moth (Alypia octomaculata)
  • Dingy Cutworm Moth (Feltia jaculifera)
  • Obelisk Dart Moth (Euxoa obeliscoides)
  • Alfalfa Looper Moth (Autographa californica)
  • Small Bird-dropping Moth (Ponometia erastrioides)

Grass Moths

  • Rufous-banded Crambid Moth (Mimoschinia rufofascialis)