Moths in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has about 130 moth species, with most of them being a part of the sphinx and clearwing family.  The cecropia moth, one of the prominent species of North America, is the largest moth of the state, with a striking appearance because of its brown wings marked with red spots.  The white-lined sphinx is another attractive moth found here, with white lines and pink bands running across its body.

However, the state even has some species that are annoying pests. The Indian meal moth is one of them, feeding on pantry items. The gypsy moth, especially in its larval form, causes immense damage to the oak trees.

Moths in Pennsylvania (PA)

Common Moths: Cecropia Moth, American Dagger Moth, Indianmeal Moth

Large Moths: Cecropia Moth, Five-spotted Hawk Moth, Imperial Moth

Here is the list of moths found in Pennsylvania arranged in order of the family they belong.

Owlet Moths

Hawk Moths

  • Great Ash Sphinx Moth (Sphinx chersis)
  • White-lined Sphinx Moth(Hyles lineata)
  • Hummingbird Clearwing Moth (Hemaris thysbe)
  • Achemon Sphinx Moth (Eumorpha achemon)
  • Pandora Sphinx Moth (Eumorpha pandorus)
  • Azalea Sphinx Moth (Darapsa choerilus)
  • Bedstraw Hawk Moth (Hyles gallii)
  • Tersa Sphinx Moth (Xylophanes tersa)
  • Nessus Sphinx Moth (Amphion floridensis)
  • Graceful Clearwing Moth (Hemaris gracilis)
  • Pawpaw Sphinx Moth (Dolba hyloeus)
  • Southern Pine Sphinx Moth (Lapara coniferarum)
  • Five-spotted Hawk Moth (Manduca quinquemaculata)
  • Twin-spotted Sphinx Moth (Smerinthus jamaicensis)

Saturniidae Moths

  • Cecropia Moth (Hyalophora cecropia)
  • Luna Moth (Actias luna)
  • Buck Moth (Hemileuca maia)
  • Rosy Maple Moth (Dryocampa rubicunda)
  • Spiny Oakworm Moth (Anisota stigma)
  • Imperial Moth (Eacles imperialis)
  • Polyphemus Moth (Antheraea polyphemus)

Snout Moths

  • Indianmeal Moth (Plodia interpunctella)

Erebidae Moths

  • Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar)
  • Maple Looper Moth (Parallelia bistriaris)
  • Darling Underwing Moth (Catocala cara)
  • Common Oak Moth (Phoberia atomaris)
  • Oldwife Underwing Moth (Catocala palaeogama)
  • Maple Zale Moth (Zale galbanata)

Cossid Millers Moths

  • Carpenterworm Moth (Prionoxystus robiniae)

Clearwing Moths

  • Maple Callus Borer Moth (Synanthedon acerni)
  • Peachtree Borer Moth (Synanthedon exitiosa)
  • Ironweed Clearwing (Carmenta bassiformis)
  • Squash Vine Borer Moth (Melittia cucurbitae)

Tortrix Moths

  • Bidens Borer Moth (Epiblema otiosana)
  • Angular Aethes Moth (Aethes angulatana)
  • Filbertworm Moth (Cydia latiferreana)
  • Codling Moth (Cydia pomonella)
  • Omnivorous Leafroller (Platynota stultana)
  • Three-lined Leafroller Moth (Pandemis limitata)
  • Oblique-banded Leafroller Moth (Choristoneura rosaceana)
  • Tufted Apple Bud Moth (Platynota idaeuslais)
  • Yellow-winged Oak Leafroller Moth (Argyrotaenia quercifoliana)
  • Sparganothis Fruitworm Moth (Sparganothis sulfureana)
  • Banded Olethreutes Moth (Olethreutes fasciatana)
  • Garden Tortrix Moth (Clepsis peritana)

American Silkworm Moths

  • Spotted Apatelodes (Apatelodes torrefacta)