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Mournful Sphinx Moth (Enyo lugubris)

The mournful sphinx moth is a hawk moth found in the Americas. Swedish zoologist Carl Linnaeus first described this species in 1771.

Mournful Sphinx Moth


Scientific Classification

  • Family: Sphingidae
  • Genus: Enyo
  • Scientific Name: Enyo lugubris

Description and Identification


The larvae are green and stout.

Mournful Sphinx Moth Caterpillar



Once mature, the larvae pupate in a shallow burrow underneath the soil.

Mournful Sphinx Moth Pupa


Adult Moth

Sexual Dimorphism: Present but not prominent.

Color and Appearance

When the wings are opened, a large black patch is observed over the outer edge of the tan-colored wings. When the wings are closed, the patch remains observable.

Average wingspan: 5 – 6 cm

Flight pattern: Erratic

Season: Year-round in tropical regions; August-November in northern areas.

Enyo lugubris



Eggs are laid close to the host plant.

Quick Facts

DistributionThe southern part of North America into neotropics
Lifespan of AdultsNot recorded
Host PlantsDifferent species of grapes
Adult DietDoes not feed

Did You Know

  • There are two sub-species – Enyo lugubris lugubris and Enyo lugubris delanoi.
Mournful Sphinx Moth Image


Mournful Sphinx Moth Picture


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