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Striped hawk-moth (Hyles livornica)

The striped hawk moth is a member of the family of hawk moths. It has a cosmopolitan distribution and is observed worldwide.

Striped Hawk Moth


Scientific Classification

  • Family: Sphingidae
  • Genus: Hyles
  • Scientific Name: Hyles livornica

Description and Identification


They are green and covered with black stripes. The larvae are around 65-80 mm in length.

Striped Hawk Moth Caterpillar



Once they mature, the larvae pupate in either leaf litter or soil.

Striped Hawk Moth Pupa


Adult Moth

Sexual Dimorphism: Present but not prominent. Males are generally smaller than females.

Color and Appearance

The body of the adult moth is olive-brown, with the head and thorax covered with white stripes and big black-and-white side spots, while the abdomen has a black-and-white region. The antennae are a dark olive-brown with white tips.

Forewing: When open, the wings are beige or olive-brown, covered with white stripes. When closed, the patterns remain visible.

Hindwing: When open, the wings are primarily pink but surrounded by black and white edges. When closed, they are completely hidden.

Average wingspan: 60–80 mm

Flight pattern: Erratic

Season: May to October

Hyles livornica



The eggs of these moths are a translucent green color.

Striped Hawk Moth Eggs


Quick Facts

Distribution Africa, central and east Asia, Australia, southern Europe, and Poland 
HabitatWarm, open areas like coastal areas, gardens, and woodland rides
Lifespan of Adults10-30 days
Host PlantsBedstraw, cotton, dragon flowers, docks, flax, grapevines, spurge, sorrels, and toadflax
Adult DietNectar from flowers like Petunia and Red Valerian

Did You Know

  • German naturalist Eugenius Johann Christoph Esper first described this moth in 1780 with the help of a specimen he observed in Livorno, Italy. The location would later be incorporated in its species name,  livornica.
Striped Hawk Moth Image


Striped Hawk Moth Picture


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