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Almond Moth (Cadra cautella)

The almond moth is a member of the family of snout moths found worldwide. They are commonly confused with Indian meal moths, Mediterranean flour moths, raisin moths, and dried food moths that also infest pantries.

Almond Moth


Scientific Classification

  • Family: Pyralidae
  • Genus: Cadra
  • Scientific Name: Cadra cautella

Description and Identification


The larvae are a creamy white, with a brown head capsule and rows of spots along the back.

Larvae feed on various wheat products, preferring cracked or ground seeds. Older caterpillars will sometimes eat their younger siblings or eggs.

Almond Moth Larvae



Pupae are brown to yellow, pupating inside a whitish cocoon. The pupal phase spans for about 10 days on an average.

Almond Moth Pupa


Adult Moth

Sexual Dimorphism: Present but not prominent.

Color and Appearance

When the wings are opened, they are light-gray to tan. When the wings are closed, light wavy markings are observed across the wings.

Average wingspan: 1.4-2.3 cm

Flight pattern: Erratic

Season: Warmer months

Cadra cautella



They are oval, ivory, and 2 cm long, laid on foodstuffs or cracks and crevices.

Quick Facts

Other NamesTropical warehouse moth
HabitatWarehouses or similar industrial environments
Lifespan of AdultsMales: 6-7 days
Females: About 10 days
Host PlantsBran, flour, oats, other grains, and dried fruits.
Adult DietDoes not feed; but might drink water upon availability

Did You Know

  • English entomologist Francis Walker first described this species in 1863.
Almond Moth Picture


Tropical Warehouse Moth


Almond Moth Image


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