Moths in Minnesota

Minnesota is home to several beautiful moths like the green luna moth having a flowing tail, and the painted lichen moth with a colorful appearance. The cecropia moth with a wingspan of about 6 inches is the state’s largest. Once, a hiker spotting the cecropia while crossing a particular Minnesota trail described it as big as a monster.

The European gypsy moth also thrives here, particularly, in the western and eastern parts of the state, mostly infesting shrubs and deciduous trees.

Moths in Minnesota (MN)

Common Moths: Isabella Tiger Moth, Cecropia Moth, Polyphemus Moth

Large Moths: Cecropia Moth, Polyphemus Moth, European Gypsy Moth

Here is the list of moths found in Minnesota arranged in order of the family they belong to.

Erebidae Moths

Saturniidae Moths

Hawk Moths

Owlet Moths

  • Variegated Brindle Moth (Abrostola urentis)
  • Glassy Cutworm Moth (Apamea devastator)
  • Copper Underwing Moth (Amphipyra pyramidea)
  • American Dagger Moth (Acronicta americana)
  • Bronzed Cutworm Moth (Nephelodes minians)
  • Eight-spotted Forester Moth (Alypia octomaculata)
  • Celery Looper Moth (Anagrapha falcifera)
  • White-speck Moth (Mythimna unipuncta)
  • Brother Moth (Raphia frater)
  • Colorful Zale Moth (Zale minerea)
  • Speckled Green Fruitworm Moth (Orthosia hibisci)
  • Henry’s Marsh Moth (Acronicta insularis)

Prominent Moths

  • Red-marked Tentmaker Moth (Clostera apicalis)
  • Black-rimmed Prominent Moth (Pheosia rimosa)
  • Sigmoid Prominent Moth (Clostera albosigma)

Geometer Moths

  • White-fringed Emerald Moth (Nemoria mimosaria)
  • Chickweed Geometer Moth (Haematopis grataria)
  • Lesser Maple Spanworm Moth (Speranza pustularia)
  • Large Lace-border Moth (Scopula limboundata)
  • White-striped Black Moth (Trichodezia albovittata)
  • Gem Moth (Orthonama obstipata)

Crambidae Moths

  • Chestnut-marked Pondweed Moth (Parapoynx badiusalis)
  • Elegant Grass-veneer Moth (Microcrambus elegans)
  • Celery Leaftier Moth (Udea rubigalis)
  • Lucerne Moth (Nomophila nearctica)

Erebidae Moths

  •  Isabella Tiger Moth (Parapoynx badiusalis)
  • Banded Tussock Moth (Halysidota tessellaris)
  • Green Cloverworm Moth (Hypena scabra)
  • Common Idia Moth (Idia aemula)
  • St. Lawrence Tiger Moth (Platarctia parthenos)

Lappet Moths

Clearwing Moths

Tortrix Moths

  • Oblique Banded Leaf Roller (Melittia cucurbitae)

Plume Moths

  • Yarrow Plume Moth (Gillmeria pallidactyla)