Moths in Oklahoma

Of the several moths found in Oklahoma, many belong to the Erebidae family, like the colorful bella moth, the graceful white Virginia moth, and the brownish moonseed moth. Those of the Saturniidae moth family are the largest with big wingspans.

The common pests found in the state include the Indianmeal moth and clothes moths attacking food grains and fabric.

Moths in Oklahoma (OK)

Large Moths: Luna Moth, Polyphemus Moth, Io Moth

Common Moths: Fall Webworm Moth, Luna Moth, Polyphemus Moth

Here is the list of moths found in Oklahoma arranged in order of the family they belong.


Erebidae Moths

  • Bella Moth (Utetheisa ornatrix)
  • Northern Giant Flag Moth (Dysschema thetis)
  • Salt Marsh Moth (Estigmene acrea)
  • Virginia Tiger Moth (Spilosoma virginica)
  • Arge Tiger Moth (Grammia arge)
  • Little Underwing Moth (Catocala minuta)
  • Confused Hapola Moth (Haploa confusa)
  • Moonseed Moth (Plusiodonta compressipalpis)
  • Colona Moth (Hapola colona)
  • Parthenice Tiger Moth (Apantesis parthenice)
  • Scarlet-winged Lichen Moth (Hypoprepia miniata)
  • Red-tailed Specter Moth (Euerythra phasma)
  • Edwards’ Glassy-wing Moth (Pseudohemihyalea edwardsii)
  • Giant Leopard Moth (Hypercompe scribonia)
  • Green Cloverworm Moth (Hypena scabra)
  • Painted Lichen Moth (Hypoprepia fucosa)
  • Fall Webworm Moth (Hyphantria cunea)
  • Common Idia Moth (Idia aemula)
  • Banded Tussock Moth (Halysidota tessellaris)
  • American Idia Moth (Idia americalis)
  • Forage Looper Moth (Caenurgina erechtea)

Hawk Moths

Saturniidae Moths

  • Luna Moth (Actis luna)
  • Rosy Maple Moth (Dryocampa rubicunda)
  • Forbes’ Silkmoth (Rothschildia forbesi)
  • Io Moth (Automeris io)
  • Imperial Moth (Eacles imperialis)
  • Polyphemus Moth (Antheraea polyphemus)

Geometer Moths

  • Promiscuous Angle Moth (Macaria promiscuata)
  • Emerald Moth (Hemithea aestivaria)
  • Elm Spanworm Moth (Ennomos subsignaria)
  • Common Spring Moth (Heliomata cycladata)
  • Curve-toothed Geometer ( Eutrapela clemataria)
  • False Crocus Geometer Moth (Xanthotype urticaria)
  • Drab Brown Wave Moth (Lobocleta ossularia)
  • Common Gray Moth (Anavitrinella pampinaria)
  • One-spotted Variant Moth (Hypagyrtis unipunctata)

Owlet Moths

  • Corn Earworm Moth (Helicoverpa zea)
  • Wedgling Moth (Galgula partita)
  • Black-bordered Lemon Moth (Marimatha nigrofimbria)
  • Grateful Midget Moth (Elaphria grata)

Hooktip Moths

  • Rose Hooktip Moths (Oreta rosea)
  • Arched Hooktip Moth (Drepana arcuata)

Cossid Millers Moths

Lappet Moths

Bagworm Moths

Crambid Snout Moths

  • Waterlily Leafcutter Moth (Elophila obliteralis)
  • Celery Leaftier Moth (Udea rubigalis)
  • Snowy Urola Moth (Urola nivalis)

Tropical Ermine Moths

Snout Moths

Clothes Moths