Moths in Alabama

The most commonly sighted moths in Alabama include the uniquely patterned green cloverworm moth, the pretty green luna moth, and the black-bordered lemon moth identified through their yellow wings spotted in black.

The Indianmeal moth of the Pyralidae family is considered a serious pest here, mostly infesting cereals.

Large Moths: Luna Moth, Black-bordered Lemon Moth, Giant Leopard Moth

Common Moths: Green Cloverworm Moth, Black-bordered Lemon Moth, Luna Moth

Here is the list of moths found in Alabama arranged in order of the family they belong.

Moths in Alabama (AL)

Erebidae Moths

Owlet Moths

  • Black-bordered Lemon Moth (Marimatha nigrofimbria)
  • Yellow-striped Armyworm Moth (Spodoptera ornithogalli)
  • Green Cutworm Moth (Anicla infecta)
  • Bent-lined Carpet Moth (Costaconvexa centrostrigaria)
  • Wedgling Moth (Galgula partita)
  • Grateful Midget Moth (Elaphria grata)
  • Chalcedony Midget Moth (Elaphria chalcedonia )
  • Armyworm Moth (Mythimna unipuncta)
  • Soybean Looper Moth (Chrysodeixis includens)
  • American Dagger Moth (Acronicta americana)
  • Rustic Quaker Moth (Orthodes majuscule)
  • Twin-dotted Owlet Moth (Macrochilo hypocritalis)
  • Eight-spotted Forester Moth (Alypia octomaculata)

Saturniidae Moths

Hawk Moths

Geometer Moths

  • Tulip-tree Beauty Moth (Epimecis hortaria)
  • One-spotted Variant Moth (Hypagyrtis unipunctata)
  • Curved-toothed Geometer Moth (Eutrapela clemataria)
  • Brown-shaded Gray Moth (Anacamptodes defectaria)
  • Large Lace-border Moth (Scopula limboundata)
  • Common Tan Wave (Pleuroprucha insulsaria)
  • Porcelain Gray Moth (Protoboarmia porcelaria)
  • Somber Carpet Moth (Disclisioprocta stellata)
  • Red Bordered Wave Moth (Idaea demissaria)
  • Drab Brown Wave (Lobocleta ossularia)
  • Texas Gray Moth (Glenoides texanaria)
  • Small Engrailed Moth (Ectropis crepuscularia)
  • White Spring Moth (Lomographa vestaliata)
  • Showy Emerald Moth (Dichorda iridaria)

Snout Moths

Crambid Snout Moths

  • Bluegrass Webworm Moth (Parapediasia teterrellus)
  • Elegant Grass-Veneer (Microcrambus elegans )
  • Splendid Palpita Moth (Palpita magniferalis)
  • Celery Leaftier Moth (Udea rubigalis)
  • Waterlily Leafcutter Moth (Elophila obliteralis)
  • Media Moth (Samea baccatalis)
  • Snowy Urola Moth (Urola nivalis)
  • Grape Leaffolder Moth (Desmia funeralis)
  • Dewy Leafcutter Moth (Eoparargyractis irroratalis)
  • Gold-striped Grass-Veneer Moth (Microcrambus biguttellus)

Tortrix Moth

  • Garden Tortrix Moth (Clepsis peritana)

Tropical Ermine Moths

Lappet Moths

Snout Moths

  • Yellow-fringed Dolichomia Moth (Hypsopygia olinalis)
  • Sweetgum Leafroller Moth (Sciota uvinella)
  • Maple Webworm Moth (Pococera asperatella)

Prominent Moths

  • White-dotted Prominent (Nadata gibbosa)