Moths in Georgia

Georgia has over 300 moth species of which about 54 of them are documented. Most of the moths inhabiting the state are a part of the Sphingidae or hawk moth family. The sphinx moth identified by the pink bands and stripes running across its wings is commonly seen in the southern parts. The orange Azalea Sphinx moth on the other hand rarely thrives here mainly in the northern and central portions.  The Polyphemus moth is the largest, mostly seen during the months of June-July

Moths in Georgia (GA)

When it comes to pests, the Indianmeal moth is one of the most annoying of the lot, infesting stored products.

Common Moths: Banded Sphinx Moth, Carolina Sphinx Moth, Indianmeal Moth

Large Moths: Polyphemus Moth, White-lined Sphinx Moth, Imperial Moth

Hawk Moths

Saturniidae Moths

Erebidae Moths

Snout Moths

Lappet Moths

American Silkmoths

Hooktip Moths

  • Arched Hooktip Moth (Drepana arcuata)
  • Rose Hooktip Moth (Oreta rosea)